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Hero & Glory - Auto Battle RPG


【Hero & Glory - Auto Battle RPG】 is a western fantasy theme as the background of the RPG , with ultra-gorgeous game screen, the characters 3D dynamic effects, enjoy the visual shock, while the play was over leisure,Assist with a full range combat system, you eat, drink, work, school, hands busy time,help you automatically kill monster, upgrade, pick up props, easy to play games, stood stood on the upgrade!The game features
off-hook systemOff-hook is the most significant feature of this game. After exiting the game player, the player character will still be automatically Daguai, and can normally obtain equipment and experience. When players log in the game again will get all the benefits of this time. Yes, you read right, that is so amazing so attractive!
Unique equipment smelting systemAfter the game each player will have a chance to gain victory in battle equipment, players can throw unwanted equipment smelting furnace, furnace equipment will be cast into the player, and there is a great chance to produce higher quality equipment, and even the artifact! What are you waiting for, you noble status symbol artifact waiting for you to cast!
infinite passion ArenaIn the arena, players and other players can choose to PK, to show their strength.The system also regular payment arena rewards, more luxurious top-ranking player award. The top 20 players will enter the rankings admired by the people!
Mission flown firepower warfare systemsPlayers combat elevated to a certain stage, you can participate in team battles. Battle group meets twice a day, the group fights to take sub-round knockout, the higher the reward, the higher the number of rounds persist.
Features mercenary system After the player character get Lv.15 can receive mercenaries. Mercenaries can help players combat (except Arena), mercenaries have their own rank, occupation, skills and equipment. fight upgrade, challenging boss, a mercenary, and you will fight side by side, never betray. 
brotherhood guild systemWhen players level up to Lv.12 can join the guild, the guild, the guild members can challenge together boss, with the exchange of experience in the guild, the guild honor guard along with the war.